Thai Massage

Thai Massage, or Thai-Yoga massage is an ancient form of bodywork dating back to at least 2500 years from the world of Thai medicine that incorporated Ayurvedic principles from India as well as influence from other Asian countries. It aims to bring a client’s health into balance by moving energy through the system.

Thai massage is done on a mat on the floor, and the client remains clothed for the session. The practitioner activates the sen lines (similar to meridians used in Acupuncture) with methodical pressure, priveds compression of the tissues and a lot of deep, passive stretching using the practitioner’s whole body. The practice is sometimes affectionately referred to as “lazy man’s yoga” because most of the movement is done by the practitioner.

Thai (Yoga) massage leaves the client feeling relaxed and more flexible, but also energized. It can be adapted for a body type or limitations, but is especially appropriate for yogis and athletes who want deep stretching and opening in the tissues.

Cost:  75 Minute Session: 90 Minute Session:   (+tax 8% cash or credit)