In the heart of Tremont, our office is located in the beautifully restored Fairmount Creamery. To access the building, enter through the main entrance on West 17th and dial 001 at the security buzzer. To book online, fill out the information below and select an appointment time and date, or call 216-862-9208. 

If you are new and would like to save time at the office, please fill out our "Initial Patient Intake", "Contact Information" and "Consent to Treat" forms found in your Patient Portal prior to your appointment.

If you have already been in for your Initial Acupuncture Session, you can book a Follow-up session with any of our practitioners.

Additional availability for Gwendolyn may be available. Please contact us with any requests or questions.

Acupuncture First

2306 West 17th Street | Suite 1

Cleveland, OH 44113